Dads 1967 Chevrolet Truck

My father drove this truck as his weekend and work truck for almost 40 years. (It has been in our family for 53 years)
When he passed I brought the truck home and decided (with my wife’s OK) to take it down to the frame and build it back to the best that I could.
It has taken almost 10 years trying to take it to the best engine rebuilder and someone I thought I could trust for the power coating of the frame and parts. Then to find the right painter, that had my vision and tried to stay in some kind of a budget.
With this I had a lot of people telling me to put this engine into it and putting back (Three on the Tree for shifting) oh do not do that you will never make it work.
I am happy putting back the 250 6 cylinder engine that came with the truck and yes I left three on the tree for shifting like the truck came with.
I did add front disk brakes and power steering to this truck, but that was available in 1967 on some trucks.
This truck was a labor of love and I believe my dad would love the way it turned out. I want to teach my grand kids how to drive (three on the tree) like so many of us learned to drive as our first standard shift vehicle to ever drive.