Ol Plum

I have owned this sweet ride for a total of 10 years . I traded a 1977 Impala with the Nascar rear back glass. I saw it on facebook and it just seem to call out to me. So me and the young man traded straight up and I drove him home. He was a little rough for wear but body and every thing was in such good shape. I got right to work, and after a few short months and some greenbacks, he was ready for paint. Really looked good. Then started having back problems, with so much pain in mid to upper back. Turned out that years of being to rough on my body, my back has 3 disk that has deteriorated away to nothing and had to sell Ol Plum. Sadly I had to sell Him and needless to say regretted it . But as fate would have it, we found it and bought it back from the guy who had gotten it from a car lot in town. So back to work. He was in rough shape again, and again we, me and my son redid a lot of the work to it and had it repainted again the same Plum Crazy Purple we had it before. Redone all new front end, new flowmaster dual exhaust, updated seats out of a 98 z71 and Hurst short throw shifter. New nitro lowering shocks all the way around. Corvette rallies front are 8s and rears are 10s. New shoes all the way around Cooper Cobras Radial G/Ts 2in Cowl induction hood, and many more to mention to remember. I plan on one day to hand it down to my Grandson. We go ride almost every time he’s up or our Granddaughter too. Making memories is worth far more than you can ever spend. And so happy to make them in our Ol Plum. Its like now he is a part of our family. I know some grandpa like me can relate to this I’m sure. thank you for allowing me to share our ride with you.