Not much to say but here we go. I saw and bought the red S10 (single cab, short step-side bed, Auto 4.3 v6,4×4) in 2009 and used it as my regular off duty driver since I had a company van for work and was able to drive it home each night. It was in fairly good shape with 112,000 miles on it and NO Rust. I had to do the usual things like tune up, oil changes wiper blades and shocks. I just loved driving this little truck and used it on my runs to Home Depot, grocery shopping and everything like that. Over the years it shared the driveway with my prize 2000 Chev S10 ZR2 Blazer and both vehicles were used off and on. I had many ideas for upgrading it but mostly I stuck to standard maintenace pursuits although I did add a Rough Country 2″ lift and larger tires, custom wheels,side step bars and a bull bar and I even installed the LMC utility shelves in the cab, bed mounted tool box but for the most part the truck remained stock. Most recently the truck had a major engine mishap (at 132,000 miles) which cause me to have the engine pulled and installed a new Jasper 4.3 engine and all the related things like new starter, water pump, hoses and motor mounts. The next thing is to add dual exhaust. Thru this soon to be 14 year ownership there has never been a major rust issue which seems impossible for a truck that sits outside 24/7 and has around 20,000 miles added since purchase. So other then the normal wear and tear items (radiator hoses,alternator, cracked windshield, wiper blades and tires) and in 2024 this truck will be register in Mississippi as an Antique Vehicle. No more story but just a love affair that continues day by day.