My truck lived all its life in North Dakota, I believe at an auto repair shop. A guy in La Crosse WI bought it, but he lost interest and sold it to me. It has 58,000 original miles (as near as I can tell). The engine was locked up from sitting. The truck hadn’t been registered since 1979. I hauled it home and started a frame-off rebuild. I kept it mostly stock. It took 4 years and a lot of work. I had a severe hand injury in the winter, so the finishing and rebuild became more difficult. Thanks to my wife Theresa and all her patience and help, we got it finished this year. It really feels good. We did all the work ourselves except for some machine work on the engine. It has 292 Y-block V-8 with T-98 transmission and Ford 9-inch rear end, all original to the truck, except for the driver’s door. The truck had its original paint, but we chose to repaint it in a beautiful red.