I have always been a fan of classic trucks. My first purchase was a 1951 Ford F1 that I bought in a town near home. I did get it running and driving and it was officially my first classic vehicle I had ever owned. At that moment I had fallen in love with classic trucks. Later on in my life I had sold that truck and bought a 1937 Ford Truck Cab and began the transformation in to a 1940 Ford Truck, heavily modified (wide fenders). Unfortunately I had to sell the truck due to personal reasons and regretted it instantly. Fast forward some time and I had owned approximately 6 or so (maybe more) classic cars. Now to this past week. My wife and I decided we wanted a multi purpose classic/working truck for doing things around the house. After all we can’t use our restored 69 Galaxie for that. On to the Facebook marketplace and pondering for a bit I came across a 1965 Ford F100 for sale and got excited to find out it was pretty solid and a big block/manual combo, perfect!! Set up a day and time to meet the person selling it and we met up. As soon as we seen the truck we knew we had to bring it in to the family and begin its transformation. Hoping we can purchase a lot of our parts from LMC, should be able to you guys have everything for my truck! And hoping to hit the streets come 2024 spring time!!