My grandfather bought this 1976 F-100 new off the lot. It had originally been ordered for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (thus the color), but it ended up not being needed and was put on sale to the general public. Grandpa used the truck daily and took it fishing well into his 80’s. When he passed away in ’96, the truck was parked in front of my parent’s house until I was old enough to get my license (I actually learned to drive a stick shift in this truck quite a few years before that). Once I turned 16 this became my daily driver in high school – I added a diamond plate toolbox, American Racing wheels, and glass-pack dual exhaust to replace some old rusty equipment.

My family kept the truck in storage after I left for college and a couple of years ago I had it shipped down to my place in Omaha. This summer I put in a brand new clutch and fuel pump as both were extremely tired. Its now back on the road cruising with me on the weekends and I’ll be taking it to some car shows this fall.

The pickup is in great -mostly original- condition for its age, just a tiny fleck of rust in the rear fender wells, and the typical scratches and dents from being well-loved over the years. I’ve got all the original paperwork from when it was bought new. Every time I take it for a ride I get to remember growing up with this truck and the good times I had in it with my family.