This truck was bought in 2011 by my Grandpa for our farm. A worker had wrecked a truck we were using so we needed another one. This truck worked one season on the farm before it was parked in the shed for some brake troubles. Due to other circumstances, the truck would stay in that same spot, halfway tore apart and collecting dust for 10 years. I was in need of a vehicle once I had gotten my drivers license at 16, and out of our trucks, this one was the nicest so we began fixing it up. It only needed the brakes finished and an oil and fuel change for it to roar back to life. I began to daily drive it, mostly taking myself to work and school. I had a lot of free time in my shop classes so I decided I would start building some accessories for the truck. I couldn’t find anything that I wanted online anyways, so I built it myself. It started with a couple flag pole mounts in the bed. Then, I took on my first major project, the Brush Guard. It took me a couple months to design and construct it, completely on my own. I mounted a couple KC Daylighters and threw it on the truck. I was very pleased with the retro look. My shop teacher made a comment that I should make a headache rack to go with it. So I did just that. After almost 6 months I had fully designed, constructed, wired, and painted a fully custom lighted headache rack for the truck. The rack went on to win Reserve Grand Champion at the County Fair. I am very happy with how the truck is turning out. I just took it to the “No BS OBS Truck Show” and while I was there, I won a $1,200 gift card for an automotive detail shop to get a full paint correction and ceramic coating. That is scheduled to be done in September, I can’t wait to see it. I will always continue to build things for the truck. I always stick by the saying “Bought not Built”. Im proud of how the truck has transformed in the year I’ve owned it and can’t wait to see what else is in store.