Long story. I restored a 1981 Step side a few years back, it got t-boned and totaled. But the guys I worked with knew how much I loved that truck and the work I put into it. So, they spent a couple of years looking for another one. I was home recovering from a career ending fall on an aircraft carrier and received a message from one of the guys, he told me “I found you a truck”… My response? Automatic, like all the ones I found? No straight six, 4 speed Step side 4×4… The guy cannot restore it, so make him an offer, I said. I drove down to see it, drove it, and made the offer…$2,500… He originally wanted $3,500, but was unable to restore it and I could. I recovered from my accident, brought it home and made plans. First, go through the motor and everything else on it, in it, under it, etc. Three months later, it was drivable and I took it for new windows front and back. I removed the slider, put in a straight window, installed a step, as I am short, had Flowmaster exhaust installed, new tires, and wheels… Then off for paint. Long wait for that. The local shop that did custom vehicles… Busy busy busy… My brother, who rebuilds cars, walked me through the ’81, so I knew what I wanted and did the work I could do. After paint, wood bed kit from MarK, oak… I was told to go to the local car show and meet people that could direct me and possibly assist me. Ahhhh, good idea… I found an interior guy (lives right down the road). I set that up for another time because of rainy weather. No work on the truck outside, daily driver too, and no garage yet… There is a ’68 Chevelle in there… Okay, wood bed in but needed treatment as it is outside all the time… I took it apart, contacted MarK and purchased the kit for finishing it, but rainy weather again, so in with the plywood and wait. All sanding and prep is done, I just need some nice weather or a garage… This is the before and after to date. It’s still in progress… First pic is as purchased, then car show, then to date.