The first and only new truck my father ever bought was a 1993 Dodge W150. This is the truck I learned to drive in. The truck we drove to go camping, hunting or fishing. My dad kept his truck until 2011, when he finally decided to sell it. The older I get, the more the I realize that so many of my childhood memories were wrapped up in that old Dodge truck. I made the decision in late 2022 that I was going to find a Dodge truck that was similar to the one I had grown up with. I located a truck in western Kansas, that was locally owned but had fallen into disrepair. I took on the project, and in trying to keep it as close to original as I could, I chose to partner with LMC Truck for the vast majority of my OEM parts. I still have some lights, seat upholstery, and a good detail left to do, but I look forward to the warm summer days of nothing more than the road and the radio.