We have always been a truck family. Never much into sports, my dad and I were always working on something. When it came time for my first vehicle, there was no question it was going to be a truck. When I was 17, I got my 2001 Dodge Ram. It was nothing special at the time, but it was mine.
Not a year later and a lift kit and tires were ordered. My truck took me to school, friends’ houses, and even to my wife and I’s first date. Once I got a little older, I retired the Dodge to my weekend cruiser at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan. A 440 big block Mopar even found its way under the hood. Years of daily driving in Michigan winters took its toll in the form of rust. 14 years after getting it, it was time for a restoration.
What started as just rockers and cab corners evolved into a frame-off restoration. The rusted cab and bed were swapped out with clean southern examples. A new LMC dash, new LMC carpet, and other new upholstery items finished the interior.
Once the body work was finally completed, the paint started to fly. All the work was made worthwhile when we finally wet sanded and polished it to a showroom finish. Everything was finished and assembled nicely, including new headlights and taillights from LMC.
What was originally anticipated to be a “quick” 3-month project turned into a complete 22-month restoration. Looking back, I wouldn’t have changed anything. The project would not have been made possible without the help of my Dad, Tony and the expertise of my friend Jason, when it came time to paint. This truck is now something to be truly proud of and I will cherish it for life.