My grandfather bought this truck in 1971 and passed away just a few short years after. My dad inherited it and drove it to high school, after high school he gave it back to his mother to use on the family farm. It was used until the late 80’s, then it sat in a field until I turned 14 and my dad got it back from his mom so we could get it running again and I would have a truck in High school. So, dad and I got it back up and running and semi re-did the whole truck ground up. This is were I started my addiction with Chevy trucks. I learned so much from my dad and made a ton of good memories in this truck during those time. So, I didn’t want this truck to go back into a field for another 15+ years, so at the age of 18 years old, I tore it completely down and restored everything to show quality. It took me just under a year to restore it and now I am 38 years old and have won many trophies and awards with it. I plan on giving it to my son when he is the proper age. This truck will soon be in 4 generations of the family.

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