What once started as a brand new 1979 Dodge Powerwagon W200 back when my grandfather owned her before passing her down too me, has now turned my imagination into probably one of the most unique “tin grille” builds I have ever seen! She has been body swapped and now chassis swapped, to save all of those beautiful memories my grandfather made with our entire family in this old truck! Believe it or not, my father and myself both learned to hunt in this ole girl. Not to mention, it drove us to both our proms back in High School! I have now tossed out that old w200 frame and slid under a W250 intercooled 12 valve chassis. Under it is a 8″ skyjacker with real wheels 16x16s with 35″ Boggers. This truck has come a long way in the short 9 years I have with it. Not to mention the blood, sweat, and tears to get her here! My imagination has already changed this form that you see today, but that is what makes this so great! I love to show people my imagination and hope that it sparks their interest to keep these old things going. Not to mention the memories it may already have in your hearts like this one does my own. Thank you all for the support, love, encouragement, and the stories from all of you seeing my own creation! Thank you LMC for helping us Mopar guys restore these beautiful trucks back to their glory!