A friend had bought my truck after it had been brought up from Ohio, and it had the original 302/3 on the tree already removed for a cammed 351M/C6 combo that was making 300hp and had a shift kit with a set of 3.89s in the 9″ axle. Over the years, others had done work to it, including painting it sometime in the late 80’s and even possibly hauling it out of a bone yard. He found his dream car and sold me the truck for $1,500 in 2017. After I lost the cam and lifter in 2018, I tore the motor apart and rebuilt it into a 10:1 410″ M block with TFS 195 PowerPort heads, roller cam converted with the better part of .600″ lift laying down 500hp. It’s backed by a very stout C6 that has a 10″ 3k stall billet converter and a 3.89 geared 9″ with a nodular center section built with parts from Earnhardt Jr’s #88 car supplied from Hendrick Motorsports along with various stuff from Joe Gibbs and Detroit axle. It’s always a project and I am always tweaking things, which is why in some photos, things look unfinished. It’s been a long, expensive road, and while I haven’t yet painted it, it’s a super fun truck and surprises a lot of people when I pop the hood… Or they hear it roaring from across town.