I have always wanted an older truck.

Ever since I saw this truck for the first time, I dreamt of it being my own. I started working at 14 over the summer getting paid minimum wage, to try to be able to afford her. Over that summer, I did not make nearly enough to but it, so I started working after football practice and the next summer. I still did not have nearly enough to buy her, but I knew that if I worked hard and kept saving, I would be able to. The next summer, my papaw asked if I wanted to start doing concrete with him, and of course I said yes (getting paid more than double what I did the last summer). So, I worked all summer and finally came up with enough money to buy her. A few days after, I got the truck my brake lines busted backing down a steep hill. I ran into a guard Ralf and cracked my rear passenger side fender. I was so mad at myself crying, I should have checked the brakes over and over again. I couldn’t wait to get it back on the road, so I had my dad’s buddy help me put in all new brakes. I’ve been working on that fender ever since then and have almost got it fixed. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved helping my dad with his old trucks, learning the most of his ’85 c10. I’ve always dreamt of working on my own truck, and my dream has now come true, pricey, but I love it! My truck is a 1981 Ford F150 custom flare side 300 inline 6 2WD with only 40,000 original miles!