My name is Harold McGinnis, I am 69 years old. When I was a small kid, my dad would purchase a new Chevy C10 truck every year. In 1986, I purchased his 1985 Chevy C10, drove it for 16 years and sold it. It was the most dependable truck I ever owned. I always wished that I could purchase a new one just like it. In January 2023 , I discovered a 1987 Chevy R10 truck for sale. It was a two-owner, low miles, almost perfect body truck. I purchased the truck and completely restored it. Now, it is November 2023, we are all finished, I drive it daily, it brings back so many good memories. I am so proud of this truck, it makes me feel like a big 69-year-old kid. I purchased 90% of my restoration parts from LMC Truck. They are very easy to work with, have great quality parts at very reasonable prices. THANKS LMC TRUCK!