This is my 1990 Chevy Silverado 1500. It was the first vehicle that I purchased nearly 30 years ago. I was a senior in high school and was driving my dad’s 1963 Chevy 3 on the tree when the clutch went out. Then, I transitioned to my mom’s 1970 Cutlass to get me by. My dad worked for a trucking company that was selling this truck. I was able to purchase it for $7,500 in early 1995. The truck had around 135,000 miles on it which were road miles. I was happy as could be to get a modern vehicle with a/c and a cassette player. This truck has been with me many years throughout my adventures. In high school, it saw red clay dirt roads, which the locking rear end helped on many occasions when it was muddy. I also learned by the local police that you could turn the breather lid over where it would catch more air and have a nice deep moan. It was used on the farm pulling gooseneck trailers. I did put 3/4-ton springs under it to help the suspension out. It got me back and to from college for 4 years. I put about another 135,000 on it in the first 5 years I had it. After that, I got a job with the SC State Transport Police, DOT for the truck drivers in 2000 and the truck wasn’t drove as much. In 2016, the truck was parked for about 6 years after the transmission went out. In 2022, I retired from the State and decided I needed to get the transmission fixed and start back driving it. Well, that was the first $1,200 I spent. After sitting for 6 years, it needed more to get it back on the road. Next was a fuel tank, fuel pump, distributor, plugs, wires, tires, shocks, new a/c, all new steering components, and many more parts from LMC Truck. Well, I’m up to about $8,000 at this point. Then, I decided to get it painted. Well, there’s another $8,000. At this point, I found out that I had went through about 8 months of state retirement checks and it was time to find a job again! So, I became a truck driver since I knew how to get around the DOT man. I am happy I took time to fix the truck up since it has been with me most of my life. The truck did have a motor put in it 307,000. I think the only thing wrong with it was a blown head gasket. The truck today has 380,000 on it and I’m not scared to go anywhere in it.