First, I would like to thank LMC for doing everything they can to keep older trucks alive.
Second, here are some of the photos I have taken of my ‘95 Dodge Ram 2500. Bringing it back to life was no easy task, but was made less difficult by the options offered on the LMC website. Between buying carpet, a dash top, dash bezel, interior paint, tow mirrors, door and window seals, grille, hardware, and a tailgate guard, the truck looks like it is brand new.
With not only fixing an old truck to look new, I got to spend countless hours with my dad as he assisted me through every step of the “refresh”. This was worth more to me than the truck itself. Also, he has had two trucks of this style (a ’95 and a ’01), so he knew almost every step to disassemble and reassemble this truck.

Again, thank you! Not only for the truck parts you offer, but giving me another way to spend time with my Dad.