So, this story begins in 1973 in Western Maryland when I was a senior in High School. I purchased this 1956 Chevy Panel truck from a retire B&O Rail-Road worker. It had its original green paint, 235CI, 6-cylinder motor with a granny transmission. It wasn’t much of a highway cruiser, but it got a young man around during high school and then college. I was able to paint the truck brown when I was in college, I still do not remember where I got that money, and slap on some white rally wheels for looks. Back then, I didn’t have much money to do much else. I retired the truck after many years of a daily driver after I got out of college, that is when I got my first company truck. I promised myself that as soon as I got some money ahead, I would start a restoration. My family grew, but the truck continued to sit. It seemed I always had commitments for extra cash that I promised to my old truck. The truck had sat in a Colorado storage yard for over 30 years, with nothing more than a visit from me every now and then to make sure it was still there. In 2016, I finally pledge to get the truck back on the road. First, I cut the frame off right at the firewall and inserted a 1987 ¾ Chevy truck front end. It came equipped with power steering, disc brakes and coil springs, what an improvement. A fresh 350 motor was dropped in for power. Then, we inserted a 4L80 Electronic Overdrive Automatic Transmission, new balanced driveline, and fresh 373 gears in the rear end. We finished off the undercarriage with new rear and front disc brakes, fuel lines, brake lines, fuel tank, and a set of hooker headers with Thrush mufflers. Then came the interior with new instruments, a classic granny shifter for the auto tranny, a good sounding radio and speakers, new insulation and soundproofing, along with carpet, bucket seats, and a console. All new LMC hardware was used to finish the doors and windows, fresh glass was installed all the way around. I then transported the truck back to the East Coast, so my friend Mark in South Carolina, could do his magic with body work and paint. Mark is surely an artist when it comes to that. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to him. We topped it off with all new chrome bumpers, grille, mirrors, emblems, etc., to give it that classic look. Mag wheels and Michelin Tires put a bow on the restore. There is little work left to sand the wood bed and lacquer, plus adding a rear bench seat, but that just sounds like fun to me. I would like to say a special thanks to LMC for always being there for me and being my go-to vendor for the restore. My Son really helped with the details and the heavy lifting of parts, while my friend Larry in Colorado did most of the interior work. My wife always reminds me that I have had that truck longer then I have had her, but we both love that truck just the same. I am looking forward to many years of fine weekend cruising.