This old truck is a family heirloom. My grandpa and grandma bought it new in 1966 to use for missionary work on the Navajo Nation in northern New Mexico. When my grandpa passed away, my dad inherited it from him. They both used it as their daily driver for many years. My dad taught me how to drive in it when I was 12, and 35 years later, he gave it to me. It has seen a lot of hard miles, and in the end, it was dying of cancer. I couldn’t watch it rust away under the apple tree, so I bought a retired police cruiser, pulled them both into the shop and brought the old truck back to life using the drivetrain parts from the Crown Victoria police car. After 3 1/2 years of extensive, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery, the old truck turned out better than I ever thought possible. With the help of some very talented people, it’s been transformed into something very special. It has the body and soul of Grandpa’s old truck, with the heart and legs of a modern police cruiser. It’s old school cool with a modern twist. Someday, when my grandson is old enough to understand the value of this old truck, I’ll give it to him.