My truck story starts many years ago when I was younger and was given my first Ford truck! Fast forward to now, I’ve had countless Ford trucks and even run a custom restoration shop full time, all because of that first truck. Now, I have a really cool 1967 F250 shop truck that I built, saved from a field it had been sitting in for over 20 years (I was told). I cleaned and scrubbed all the rat filth out and restored the gauges, added a carpet kit, and scored a factory super clean bench seat at a local Pick n Pull. I found a perfect dash pad in a ’72 crew cab I’m restoring and going with the metal dash look, but that’s a whole other story. After that, I found some DJM beams for the front and swapped over to disc brakes and F100 suspension. I put a 1977 Ford F150 9” in the rear since they are a tad wider for better wheel fitment. And then to top it off, I used some Dodge steel 20×8” wheels that I modified for the truck to look super cool and one-off ! I’ve also done other small upgrades and changes. I painted the grill to match the wheels. I did bed side exhaust exit and electronic ignition, all new seals on doors and glass, and a headliner as well. It’s a super fun truck to drive and gets a ton of attention everywhere I go. @cutler_customs