In November, I went to do an inspection for a roof and saw the truck that was sitting in a driveway for a long time. I asked the homeowner if he want to sell the truck. He said maybe, I offered $8k for it and he sold to me. I have all the documents from the day it was originally ordered to get built to the delivery date. The first owner purchased the truck in January 1978 and got delivered in the spring of ’78 and he owned the truck until his death. The second owner, who I purchased the truck from, got the truck in June 2014 and parked. Chuck Anderson Ford did all the inspection and replaced all fluids, they also ran a report truck show 46,590 miles. Interior in excellent condition, but needed a paint job due to being exposed to the sun for a while. This a Ranger Lariat 4×4 made in Michigan 351M engine.