This truck got ordered by the city of Hamilton in 1978 to be used by the sewer department for hauling lime, gravel, and dirt. It was used to haul sand for sand bags during flooding. I remember seeing it around town growing up one day. When I saw it, I was determined to purchase it when the city retired it from their fleet. I worked as a meter reader for the water works and got to drive the old truck which in turn, made me want it that much more. One day in 2018, I noticed it wasn’t sitting at the sewer plant and I went to city hall finding out it was up for sealed bids. I put my bid in and was surprised when I got the call to come and get it. The city kept it for 40 years and put 40,000 miles on it, they keep extensive records on it. I plan on doing a full restoration of the truck, but for now, it’s still serving the people of the city of Hamilton hauling gravel, dirt, fire wood, and many other things. Everyone in town smiles and waves seeing the truck on the road.