In 1986, I was engaged to be married. I told my dad that it may be a long time until I’d be able to afford a new truck again. A friend of mine had just bought an F250 with 6.9 diesel. He’d been dealing on two. I went and bought the other truck. My wife and I took it on our honeymoon. We farm. Over the years, it has hauled cows, hogs, hay, fertilizer, feed, and scrap metal. An accident crushed the bed so for many years, it was a flat bed. Both our boys learned to drive in it and dubbed it “The Red Truck”. My oldest son saw a picture of it when new and was inspired to restore it. We still use it on the farm but when the first snow flies, she stays inside until spring. After 35 years of marriage, I tease my wife that I’m still driving that same old truck.