My 12-year-old son was having a really difficult time when Covid hit as I am sure many did. But he had it rough! 1 week before Covid, his dog and best friend since the age of one died of old age, our 15-year-old cat died a few weeks later in the first lockdown.
4 weeks after that, his best friend’s family moved to Costa Rica to escape the lockdowns. And to top it all off, his mom (we are divorced) had to move to a different province to help a family member that was ill back home.

He was falling apart! I had to do something!
Years prior, I had begun a rebuild of a fully loaded ’89 Blazer I had purchased that used to belong to an Arizona state trooper. I had it painted, ordered a truck full of parts (no pun intended) from LMC!
From there, I tinkered a bit and eventually put it on the back burner.
So, in desperation to pull my son out of a depression, I asked him if he would help me build an antique truck that we could use for a weekly dairy queen trip.
I showed him a cover of an LMC magazine with a Blazer on it and showed a bit of interest and we began our project the next day!
First off, we had to order more parts so we scanned your magazine together, my son was absolutely amazed at all the parts he would never think were available at our fingertips!

We spent evenings and weekends together building our truck and I got to teach him many mechanical skills that I hadn’t used in some time that my father and trade school had taught me!
We worked on mechanical components, engine electrical, brakes, axle swap and even dabbled with upholstery and custom fab for storage cubbies!
After a few weeks of this, his spirits were clearly lifted and he had new spark in his eyes!

We finished the truck after a year and a half and I would like to thank LMC for helping my son and I get through a difficult time and help us build memories worth a fortune!
My son has now shown interest in shop class at school and is thinking of buying a short box as a school project/first vehicle!