I found this ’90 Bronco for sale in Las Vegas. It was a two-tone brown, all stock. It looked good from 50 feet. 5.8 ran perfectly. I thought it would be a good project for my father and I. It took a little convincing, because he is a Chevy guy. We removed the engine, replaced all seals and gaskets, new timing cover, gears and chain, and water pump. Anyone that has worked on these engines has probably seen the long bolts that go through water pump and timing cover into the block break, get stuck in timing cover. Also the four corner studs on intake that rot away, a lot of drilling and tapping. Motor out made it a lot easier to remove the rivets in the crossmember to install 4-in Rough Country lift with shocks. We put it back together, installing new radiator with 32-in puller fan and twin aux pusher fans that come on with a/c and switch so you can leave the fan on to prevent hot soak (Vegas). Topped off with K&N cold air intake. We installed dual batteries with isolator and push button jump, like a motor home. All accessories wired to aux battery with 150 amp alternator. We installed Flow Tech long tube headers with 21/4 exh through Granatelli electric cut outs and Dynomax turbo mufflers exit out right rear with Borla dual black tips. All new a/c system, hoses condenser evaporator, accumulator compressor expansion valve that was listed as “for phoenix” and R134A. It works really well. Serviced trans, transfer, and diffs. We completely striped the truck down to windshield only and had it painted. Can you imagine how many holes were welded up in the body because we deleted all chrome trim? It sat on a milk crate to drive it to body shop. Reassembled the truck 6 months later with everything new, all lamps, bumpers, mirrors, body gaskets, almost all interior and exterior items came from LMC. I had to put another dash in it, it was badly cracked, and found a good one at Pick a part, I had to repaint it and all interior plastic to change it from brown to black. We reupholstered the seats with marine grade material and had seat heaters put in. We installed secure steel center console, removed carpet, put down dyna mat and rubber floor mat as we are leaving the top off. Marine stereo, amp, and speakers. Spare tire mount behind rear seat. Custom fabricated roll bar. All new brake system, master cylinder, booster, rotors, drums, calipers, ceramic pads, new shoes and hardware, braided steel lines. We tossed auto hubs, and put on Warn manual hubs. We added rear anti sway bar, and repaired many little things, various switches, motors, actuators, etc. Sitting on fuel 17×9 wheels and 35×12.50-17 Toyo Open Country tires.