We were looking for a vehicle for our oldest daughter just turning sixteen. A friend told us about his father’s 5.0 liter V8 Ford F150 located in a small Kansas town near the geographic center of the nation. His father purchased it new in 1992 and had used it daily for ten years. His father passed away some months earlier and his mother was looking for a good home for this cherished truck. We never factored in a truck as the first vehicle for our daughter, but it was love at first sight for Rachel. Despite showing signs of wear and aging, we drove it home that day. With some occasional maintenance required, our daughter drove the truck throughout high school and past college graduation. After landing her first pharmacy job, she was anxious to buy a new car. We gladly found a place in our garage and began the work of restoration. All the while, our family took advantage of the truck’s ample eight-foot truck bed to handle basic hauling needs. We replaced or repaired what we could and found professionals to do more challenging work. We always envisioned how the truck would look with new body panels replacing the old rusty originals. Now with the work completed, it exceeds our expectations. It still serves the family by hauling the necessities and treasures of everyday life, but this beauty now turns heads doing it. Everything works and it shines like the day it came off the showroom floor. We’re looking forward to our grandkids proudly driving the truck in the future.