This truck was purchased new by my uncle in 1992. He used it primarily for his business. He and his brother owned their own mill and fixtures business in San Antonio, Texas.

He and my aunt owned several cars and trucks throughout their lifetime – always a Ford product. They started out with, what I remember as a young boy, a 1951 Ford Fairlane 2-door black and shiny chrome complete with fender skirts, curb feelers (remember those?) and a steering wheel knob. Another neat Ford I remember them driving was a 1964 Thunderbird, light blue outside, dark blue interior and chrome everywhere and, of course, this 1992 Ford F150 single cab, short bed pick-up with only 80k miles.

My aunt and uncle didn’t have any children and, when he passed away about 22 years ago, my aunt passed this truck to my Dad. Dad drove this truck from 2002 to 2015. He then passed this truck to my brother who admittedly isn’t a “car guy” like me so he passed it along to me.

I saw the potential in this well-cared-for truck and began a total restoration utilizing the majority of parts from the LMC catalog. It was in very good condition when I took ownership, but after getting it repainted, we started putting the old pieces back on, even though they were “ok”, they just looked very old, weathered and tired. So, I looked through the LMC Truck Catalog and felt like a kid in a candy store. I ordered everything I could afford (in stages) from bumper to bumper. I can’t tell you how many people have complimented me on how nice the truck looks and I don’t hesitate to let them know where I got the parts. I’ve even given away a few of the catalogs LMC sends me to those people restoring their old trucks… You guys should put me on your payroll!

I had been in the process of restoring this truck as a tribute to my uncle and now to my Dad who recently passed away. All he got to see were pictures of progress being made.

Getting all new mechanical and cosmetic parts wouldn’t be complete without a new paint job. So, in order to make the truck look as good as it did when new, I enlisted the help of Vic Suleman, owner of Vic Auto Collision & Repair in Spring, Texas. Vic had painted some of my other toys in the past and, when I told him what I wanted, he and his crew stepped up to the plate and the finished truck speaks for itself. Thank you, Vic. You and your crew would have made my uncle and Dad very proud. And thank you LMC Truck for having the parts I needed to make this truck look great again. I know my Dad and my uncle are both up in heaven giving me two enthusiast thumbs up for bringing it back to the condition it once was!