In 2019, I was 15 and I bought my first vehicle. A 1999 Dodge Dakota sport with a 3.9 magnum for $550.
Right away I knew it needed new exhaust manifolds and all brakes and brake lines. So, my father and I fixed it up and got it on the road in no time and throughout time, I started to add and change little things about the Dakota. Now, it has an all new Kenwood sound system and a 3-inch cowl hood and a throttle body spacer, as well as a new Dynomax exhaust and a CB radio. But then unfortunately, the night before prom, I crashed into a fence at the end of a dirt road because I couldn’t see where I was. But in a week worth of work, I was driving the Dakota again and started a group for all Dakota lovers in Ontario. Today, I am still driving my Dakota and showing it off and adding little things to the truck. It will be at a big car show called Mopar Fest.