In 2005, my dad bought this truck used with about 170,000 miles. I was born in 2004, to say it simply, I grew up in the passenger seat, and it’s always been in my life. By the time the truck had made it to my hands in 2019 and once I started driving, the years of wearing Michigan winters were showing, and I really didn’t wanna see this truck rot away. When you have something in your life for that long, it grows a very human aura around it, it becomes part of the family, and this truck certainly did. September of 2021, I made the trip to Indiana for a rust free bed, and began watching for more parts to come up. About a week after Christmas of 2021, I got in a pretty bad wreck with it, laying on its side, hood against a tree. The rear end had actually broken off & sheared the 20-year-old U-bolts! The following months were spent stressing, and laboring intensively over everything. With the help and guidance of some of the world’s best people I’ve met (Trenton Hall and his father Curt, along with their family), I was able to see this truck come back to life (literally) from the grave.