My truck story begins with the wife and I driving 300 miles to pick up a ’65 chevy. When I got there, well, let’s just say the owner lied to me about everything and I left empty handed. Driving back home, my wife went on Facebook and found this ’49 Ford F1 flatbed.. After some negotiation, I drove it home. Like a kid with a new toy, I worked on it, buying parts from LMC, and searching the internet for ideas. First, I made it road worthy. I changed the brakes to disc and replaced all the tie rods and bearings. I put coil overs on, which put some bend back in the leaf springs and improved the ride. I bought a new steering wheel and I can say beyond any doubt, that was the hardest thing to replace. No steering wheel puller fit, so I had to get a younger version of me to man-handle it off in pieces. Then, we were able to knock it off. I had a ton of help from Chris White and Mike Starr, owners of White Starr Collision. Chris guided me on how to do body work and painted the front end, and Mike put in that new seat cover with a vintage look to it and gave me priceless advice on how to install the interior. SWEET… Six months later, here it is, my daily driver. I love the thumbs up I get and the way people come up sharing their stories. My wife and grandson enjoy the rides around our little town and I even get paid for photos with it. The wife and I are going to our first Classic Car Show this month. I don’t expect anything but a good time… We just got our second truck, a ’54 Chevy 3100 for the wife, so that will be up soon. Well, thanks for looking and good luck with yours.

Bill and Blanca Goodwin