Ole Sandy started out as my first high school truck and turned into a father-son project. Originally restored by my dad and I on its factory 2wd frame just before senior year. I then decided after a few years of completing its original restoration, to have a frame swap and over hall it a second time to a factory 4×4 frame, but of course projects are never truly done. So just this last winter, I decided to dive back in, to take it even one step further and add a matching trailer for all her camping and 4 wheeling needs. Between all the years of working on her, there is about 6 years and countless man hours that have gone into her but don’t let that fool you, she’s still used as a truck, she goes camping, 4 wheeling, and to the occasional car show as well. But in all, there are so many memories that I’m fond of, both in building her and using her for what she was made for. I couldn’t ask for anything better out of Ole Sandy and I wouldn’t trade her for anything, she’s like a part of the family and I hope to have her around for when I eventually have kids to pass on the knowledge and passion for these great trucks .