My dad, Adam Largent, and I found this blue GMC out in Lapwai, Idaho with 12 feet of blackberry bushes over the top of it. The only thing visible was half of the fenders and the hood. My dad drove a 1966 GMC when he was younger, so I thought it would make a great project for the two of us to start. This pickup hasn’t ran since the 1990’s and this truck wasn’t anything more than an old non-running farm truck. Him and I together rebuilt the 1968 4×4 from the bottom up. Frame work, running gear, brakes, transmission, transfer case, motor, interior and exterior work, all done by our own two hands including the gorgeous lemonse blue paint inside and out with the four barrel carburetor and bright orange small block 350! I had to add my own young touch to the truck, so we lifted it 4 inches and put a nice looking set of 35’s under the pickup.