I’ve loved the old Broncos since I was a kid.
My dad had a short bed Ford truck, but I was too young to drive it.
I tried the Jeep thing, lifted it, etc, it just didn’t do it for me.
I had to have a Red Bronco. As a Firefighter, red was my go-to color.
I searched high and low for a half cab.
Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, etc. Then one day on the internet “The One Popped up “
South Dakota I headed.
Funny thing is, the Bronco was at a Subaru dealership!!
The owner was building old-school Stroppe Broncos and he decided this one was too nice to destroy.
I had it shipped here on semi and began my transformation into what I wanted for many years.
Living only a few miles from LMC Truck made it even easier (or worse… I spent ALL my money there 🤣)
To say the least, I drive it almost daily when nice weather in KC permits – kinda hot in the summer.
As I post this, I just won my 4th award in the last 5 weekends Car and Truck shows, 4 outa 5 ain’t bad!
Thanks to the folks at LMC, I’m keeping her on the road!!!