I had to think hard about this story. There were two reasons on how and why this truck got restored. One was John’s reason, it just needed to be done because he wanted to put it in the parade. My reason was because he has been battling cancer for 18 years. I wanted to give him something to enjoy while he continued his fight. John is the second owner of this truck. His son and daughter both learned how to drive manual with it. He mostly used the truck to move compost, mulch, and yard trimmings. When I got it to rebuild, it was just an old farm truck. The family used the truck to help kids move and do yard work. Starting out, I was just going to scuff and shoot it. After seeing how little it really needed, I asked John, “If you could have any color you wanted, what would you choose?” Of course, he said Nebraska red and white, for the college he attended. Well, why not. Haha. I had to have the red mixed to Nebraska Husker’s paint code and the white just happened to be the same cream color as Ford’s 1970 Wimbledon white. So, I turned to LMC. Every part we needed, my friends here at LMC had. From body shims to the new fender to the clips that hold the molding. Dash, headliner, radio, rims, armrests, and so many other parts. I even did the windshield sprayer. LMC parts are present in almost every part of this truck. Thank you for making his dream truck come true. Even during Covid times, LMC helped me finish his dream truck. Hats off to you, my friends.