I wanted to share the attached pictures with you to join the LMC family. I bought my 1970 F100 from a co-worker about 6-7 years ago with no real intention of doing much with it- mostly just a dump truck. It ran fine with a just few minor hiccups here and there every once in a while, nothing that my dad couldn’t fix for me. He started to mention it was feeling a little “loose” and we should try and look into doing some work on it and clean it up. I ignored him for a while, but then decided to take on the project. I learned really fast that cleaning it up didn’t mean taking a hose and some soap to it, but tearing everything apart sanding it down, sealing it, rebuilding it, painting it, etc. Much more than I had expected! I was going to get married in June after 2 years of delay and HAD to have it at my wedding so I spent every weekend for months in his garage working with him, taking things apart, cleaning them, and putting them back together. We got it running again just in time – the weekend before the wedding, or so we thought… On the way home, it broke down and I had to get it towed to my house. I was devastated, but determined to fix it- and I did! I was able to find the hose that blew and repair it alone. It truly made my (and I think my dad’s) weekend to be able to have it there and tell the tale of how I was able to repair it solo. There is still plenty of work to be done and I go out to my dad’s at least one a month to work on it – it is defiantly not a dump truck anymore! We ordered all our parts from LMC Truck and it made the process very smooth. Thanks for helping my dad and I get all the parts we needed to get the job done!