Growing up in a Chevy family all my life, I had the opportunity to purchase my dad’s truck in 1997… It was a metallic blue 3/4 ton 4x custom deluxe that dad brought home new in Kremmling, Colorado in 1981… I remember the day he brought it home and the day my brother came home in it as well… It spent a lot of time under a horse trailer and driving down dirt roads, but it never left as it was dad’s pride and joy… Originally, it came with a 350, but in the early 90’s was outfitted with a 1967 396. That was about the time I turned 16 and the stories continued. 1997, I finally talked my dad into selling me the old blue truck and I drove it to my home which now was in Wyoming. The motor wasn’t good enough, so I pulled it out and put it on the back burner for a number of years, as I gathered parts here and there to eventually put it back together. Finally the time came, I had rust-free panels, a hot rod motor, and a brand new shop to do all the things. Then, this year my shop burned down. My insurance wasn’t what they said and I’m sitting here with the only part I have left of dad gone as well. Luckily, I have a frame that’s still good and friends that helped me locate parts. I’m taking college classes to do body work to put dad’s truck back on the road, so maybe my kids can share the same joy dad’s truck brought to me… Thanks LMC for helping me find the right parts to get this project started in the right direction.