I bought my truck brand new at Red McCombs Ford in San Antonio, Texas, in late 1986. He was my first new vehicle purchase and I still own him today. He’s an LX model, 351 HO, C6 Trans, 4×4 short bed with just a little over 100k miles on it. He’s been a great truck and despite some of what I put him through, has never let me down.

I had thought of selling him a few years back for a new truck and started working on him, mostly cosmetic stuff that led into some minor mechanicals. As I began working on it, I grew a new passion for it and soon realized that I could not let him go. Subsequently, the new truck idea went out the window and my ’86 remains as my sole truck. I’ll likely never sell him.

Over the years, he’s gone through a few small changes, ultimately turning into a vehicle more representative of my age, needs, and desires. This to include fixing the AC, replacing all cab seals, and sound deadening the interior. Everything in the interior has either been replaced, cleaned up, and/or repainted. I also added a factory tachometer. Under the hood, I’ve added an Edelbrock 600 CFM carb, Edelbrock intake, shortie headers and true dual exhaust. I upgraded the charging system with a 3G alternator, added a harness with relays for the headlights, replaced the C-3 power steering pump with a much better Saginaw pump, and rebuilt the steering box. In the process and without pulling the motor, I cleaned up and detailed the under-hood engine compartment.

In my little venture, I tapped LMC for many of the needed parts. Thank you LMC for the resources and the opportunity to share my truck story!