My wife really wanted this Suburban because it was very special to her. It had been sitting for several years and needed a lot of maintenance. My daughter and I drove several hours and brought it home as a surprise. Once we brought it home, it went under a major transformation were it received a DJM lowering kit with tubular control arms, new wheels and tires, roof rack delete, all new OEM lights, and paint correction to protect the factory paint. To get it running correctly and to be reliable, it received a tune up and new fuel pump along with a new transmission. The interior is just as nice as it was the day it was new, it just needed to be cleaned up. I added a small sound system with Cerwin-Vega speakers all around for the mid and highs and for the bass, I installed a custom box with Arc Audio subs. My wife is very proud of it, it was her vision, all I did was make it come to life.