This is my first car/truck. I am a 17-year-old senior at South Warren High School in Bowling Green, KY. My parents gave me this truck on my 15th birthday with the conditions that the truck had to be restored before I could drive it. My dad and grandfather have restored a few Mustangs but never a truck so it was a good family challenge for all of us. The 5.0L engine ran fine but leaked oil, so we pulled it, freshened it up with some new gaskets, oil pump, E303 roller cam, long tube headers, and a chrome powder coated GT40 intake to give it some more power to turn those 24″ wheels. The truck had the usual rust in the bedsides and lower fenders, so we found another bed and replaced the doors and fenders and bought a new cowl induction hood. The truck came out Vermillion red but we chose to go with Viper red.