From time to time, I buy cars and trucks from the online auction to fix and flip. I specifically look for stuff with blown engines and/or transmissions. I bought this ’99 F150 with a supposedly bad transmission. I decided I wanted to keep the truck and do a full restoration because I always wanted to restore something. Anything! The truck is a standard cab and 8-foot bed, which you don’t see a lot of these days. It’s gonna take me forever because I’m retired and don’t have a lot of money. I plan to continue car flips to pay for it all. I’ll be needing lots of stuff from LMC Truck! Right now, I pretty much have it taken apart. I have however, media blasted and painted the frame which is looking good. I don’t have pics of that yet, but I’m getting ready to put the engine back together. Nothing real exciting, just a stock 4.2 V6. I got a kick out of the “old Ford blue” paint, so I painted the block, heads, etc. I figure I’ll get the engine squared away and then do a teardown and rebuild of the trans. The initial problem turned out to be a tore up rear end. As I get the engine, trans, etc. rebuilt, I plan on sitting it all back on the frame and then going to the cab and bed. One thing I will need is the bottom of the inner fenders (steel, not plastic). I believe they attach to the frame at the bottom of the radiator support. The radiator support was completely rusted away when I bought the truck, the hoses were the only thing keeping the radiator in the truck. See attached pics. Any information about this would be appreciated! Hopefully I can send pics as I go.