Bad news about the green ’72 C10 Jim gave me. I had a catastrophic fire in the engine bay on a short road trip I was on the interstate, when a lady started honking at me and saying hey you’re on fire, she saw smoke rolling from underneath my truck, so I pulled over in time to pop the hood and attempt to put out the flames using my jacket. But as the flames grew, I had to step away and watch her burn for at least ten minutes. The local fire department acted extremely swiftly but it was still a total loss. Turns out the fuel line is ran right up against the engine, I didn’t know that, but I do now. At the time, I did not think that I had gotten my full coverage insurance set up, so I stayed in bed for several days with severe depression. A few days later, my mom informed me she had gotten full coverage set up just one or two days before the accident. So, I have her and Jim to thank for the 9,600 dollars I received for that old truck that farmer Jim gave me. So, then I went to Rock Island, Illinois, where I found the new love of my life. She’s absolutely cherry and I paid next to nothing for it. 1965 Ford F100 styleside Lwb custom cab with the 352 fe and four speed manual trans. You name it, it’s new. Thousands of dollars in all new parts from LMC Truck magazine, completely restored. How lucky and blessed I truly am.