I found my truck in New Hampshire in 2009. I was looking for something to have a project or driver. I looked at different cars for 2 years. I found my truck and went and looked at it. When I came home, I was telling my (now wife) about the truck. As we talked, she told me I said something different from all the other times, she told me “you said you really wanted that truck, so why don’t you go buy it?”, so I did. I drove it for a couple of years then commissioned a body shop to do the body work and paint. I looked at hundreds of different paint schemes until I thought I found what I wanted. However, I decided to change it before it was painted to the two-tone silver, which is hard to see, it’s exactly what I wanted… I had a pause in the building for a couple of years as I battled cancer. As I got stronger, I used and continue to use LMC truck parts for my GMC. We got the bugs out and I started showing it in 2021 and 2022. In the two years of showing my truck I won 45 awards. This validates the quality of parts from LMC.