Born and raised in Chicago, however, I spent most of my summers in Durango, Mexico, which is where I fell in love with a relative’s Ford 1976 F250. Absolutely gorgeous truck, with its phenomenal performance in the rugged country, it quickly became my dream truck.

That dream in 1992, became a reality in 2016. I purchased a 1978 Ford F350 Camper Special from a cousin living in Las Vegas. The truck was in absolute great condition, definitely worthy of restoring and bringing back to life.

Two years later, I set off on making a 90% restoration project (that luckily only lasted a year and a half, geez). LMC Truck has been extremely wonderful with helping me supply all my much need parts. From small to large, A through Z. With LMC, there is no doubt I will continue to keep my truck running and enjoy for the rest of my life.

I currently use my truck for joy rides, parades, and of course, car shows. Having that spare tire compartment is definitely a wow effect. The truck has the original automatic 460 engine that is rebuilt for many miles to come!