This truck started out as a repo found at my grandpa’s auction. He ended up buying it himself for less than $500. From there, it sat in the lot for a few years when he decided to give it to me at 15 to build for my “first” vehicle.

First thing first, we pulled every panel and the bed off until we had just the cab and engine. From there, we got it running and installed a new carburetor and long tube headers. Then, we did a custom paint, new bed kit, full interior redone with 2017 Chevy seats, rebadged it, and upgraded trim to a Silverado (instead of the original Scottsdale), 1991 suburban front end swap, power doors off the same Suburban and finally one of my favorite parts of course, the sound system. This truck has gone through a full restoration, a complete total of the front half from a wreck and it has taken me to college. The entire three-year process, three generations of my family scrutinized over every detail and made OUR dream truck that I have the privilege of driving. To date, this is one of the best life experiences I’ve had and I’ve created a new passion, plus we gave LMC a new customer with almost every part on it possible coming from them.

– Reise Clark