My sister purchased this Eddie Bauer from Morristown Ford in 1987. She drove it to work and went on several vacations to Virginia beach for 12 years. One day, she called and said “If you still want it, come and get it.” I said what, she said the Bronco. I asked her what she wanted for it; she said it was a gift. My wife said you have to give her something, so, we decided to give her an Old $2 bill that we had. I went that day and picked it up. As she handed me the title, I handed her the $2 bill. The excitement on her face was unreal, she had never seen one before. I worked in construction for 17 years, it was my favorite vehicle to drive. It has over 300,000 miles and has some problems, but it will take me anywhere I need to go and back home. Someday, I hope I can redo it. I am still in love with my Bronco.