My ’95 is the 2nd F series standard cab I have owned for 30 years. I had a design idea for retractable seats and drawer storage that I fabricated for my ’81 F350.
Our family used this functional platform for many years on several vacations. I had also designed a unique two-part shell with a removable portion that finally made it to reality.
The shell was constructed using three ’92-’95 Bronco shells. 1200 hours, a lot of fiberglass, and ingenuity consumed my Summer of 2022.

As a work in progress, and the shell close to finished, the restoration of the truck itself is the next step. This will be a resto-mod, period correct with materials purchased from LMC Truck.
My grandchildren will enjoy a few local car shows and cruise nights as the next generation of Ford Truck enthusiasts!
My goal has been to build this to look like it came from FoMoCo as a package.
More to come, but how am I doing so far?