I remember back in the 90’s scoring a 1974 K5. I was in my early twenties in southern California living a fast and fun life as we do in younger years. I made many memories with friends and family alike regularly blazing out to Hungry Valley and Azusa for the ultimate 4-wheeling and camping excursions… I also remember the day I rolled it over in the hills of Gorman, completely totaling it and pausing that amazing connection I had with a truck. I vowed someday to build another. 30 years later, while sitting in traffic, I looked off of the side of the road and spotted an incredibly beat up ’74 Cheyenne sitting in a tow yard. She was nearly rusted out along the entire passenger side from resting, plopped over, in a small farm creek for who knows how many years. She had been rolled, evident from her crunched shell and a family or two of squirrels had decided her tailpipes were ultimate places to nest and stash stash their acorns. With my wife’s prompting, I spoke to the tow truck company. Two weeks later, my awesome wife laid down an unbelievable $500 bucks. She was mine (both the wife and the truck!). The next 2 1/2 years served up many late nights, swear words, and flying wrenches. Our 6-year-old daughter has grown up helping to wrench and tighten her up. She even assisted with the new front bumper! It has filled our heads and hearts with memories and great feelings of accomplishment. Both for reviving her and for achieving what I said I would do 30 years ago. We have such a fun time taking her out – mostly in the summer time here in Oregon for obvious reasons! The memories we have made taking her to cruises and shows has been incredible. I always feel a sense of nostalgia when I get behind the wheel. The enthusiastic waves and nods we receive when out and about tell me others feel the same. It has been a great journey with her and our family looks forward to many years to come filled with more fun and great times.