My daughter (MoJo) and I have been searching for the past few years to find just the right truck to work on together before I am too old. The week before her 18th birthday, we went to look at “White Lightning” and as soon as she saw it, she lit up like a Christmas tree. After telling the gentleman I was interested in it, he changed his mind about selling it. A few days had past, and a lot of prayers went up for God’s will to be done and I got a call from the guy saying he would sell it. However, the price would be a little higher than he originally wanted. No way was I going to let our dreams get crushed, so I borrowed the money from my boss to buy the truck. It was delivered on the eve of her 18th birthday.
We can’t wait to get our LMC catalog so we can start chipping away at the restoration.
Biggest hurdle up first is locating a steering column, because it’s shot and it needs to be replaced.
Thanks for allowing me to share my story.
Steven Danford
Aka: MoJo’s Dad