The story starts in 1991 with my uncle purchasing this truck in Indiana, it was originally from Arizona. I was 6 years old in 1991 when my uncle showed up to the family farm in Southern Ohio and Nelsonville. This truck was used to haul hay, 500 gallon water tanks, and all around farm use. Evidence is in the bed. I’ve seen this truck at the top of hills, going through thorns and bushes scraping down the side, hay stacking up 15 ft high and hauling grain to feed animals. In 1994, the truck was repainted outside on a farm, I was 9 years old. That was the same summer I drove this truck down the road for the first time. I’ll never forget my uncle at the speed of 35 miles an hour asking me “do you have your seatbelt on?” I look down I say yes, he says “are you ready?”, I say yes, he says “floor it” so I did and I still remember to this day the back tires smoking off as I floored it at 35 miles an hour and did a burnout until I didn’t want to do a burnout anymore, it changed my life. I knew that one day I would buy this truck. So, in January 2023 I bought this truck off of my uncle almost 30 years later. Since then, we have taken good care of Old Blue by ordering a brand new blueprint 396 650 cubic inch V8 producing over 513 horsepower from Summit, and having it installed by Dixon’s Fixins Auto Repair in West Mansfield, Ohio. Also had hooker competitions headers installed as well as a full dual exhaust with Paradox mufflers and Jones chrome exhaust tips, making the crowds turn wherever I roam. I love this truck more than words can explain and now I love that I get to enjoy it with my beautiful wife Megan, my two sons Sean and Matthew, and my lovely beautiful daughter Cheyenne. It feels good knowing that this truck will stay in the Conner family when I pass it down after I die. This is the American truck for the American man and that’s who I am and that’s my story.