This truck has a lot of history and was purchased by my dad brand new in 1971. This was the only vehicle I am aware of that was purchased brand new by my dad. This truck was used to go to the store, family gatherings and my dad, mom and two brothers would all ride in the truck. Back then, the truck had a topper and my older brother and myself would ride in the back while my parents and little brother rode in the cab. When I was able to start driving, my dad gave me a choice of either the ’71 Chevy or the Chevy El Camino. I of course chose the ’71 Chevy truck. I drove the truck to High School, ‘dragged Fe” and my now wife and I drove the truck on dates. My dad and I had different views on what to be done on the truck. My dad wanted to keep it original and I wanted to modify it. I decided to put headers on and my dad told me if I did, he would kick me out and have my bags packed on the front porch. Needless to say, I put the headers on and my dad did not kick me out.
The first go around, I painted it dark blue, rebuilt the motor, made a few alterations and customized the bed. I took it to a few car shows, got married, had kids and the truck sat for many years. After a few years, I decided to start with a frame-off restoration. I had the frame powder coated and started modifications on the cab – shaved drip rails and shaved door handles. The truck sat for another 15 years and during the pandemic, I was able to purchase a lot of parts from LMC – front fenders, cowl induction hood, bed sides, tailgate, inner fenders, TMI interior, and lot more. Finally, I was able to get it all put back together and running! Updated the drive train to a 383 Blue Print Stroker motor and a 700R4to transmission with 373 gears and positrack.
Thanks to LMC’s family values and great customer service, I was able to bring my dream truck to life and it will be passed on to my son to keep it in the family for years to come.